Best in the Bakken

With an average of over 10 years working collaboratively on a variety of projects, our crews are the most experienced in the Bakken. Exceeding industry expectations in the region, and making us unparalleled during winter months.

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A Culture of Safety

We are fiercely committed to our employee’s well-being. We care for them as we would for our own family, and we always will. Their appreciation is shown through their work and the resulting quality of every Sliver Fox project.

A job well done.

Silver Fox Pipeline and Facility Services Inc., locally owned and operated with a strong group of diverse oilfield crews, providing seasoned pipeline construction service from Texas to North Dakota.


  • Mainline & Gathering Systems
  • Above & Below Ground Pipelines
  • Steel, Fiber glass, & HDPE Pipelines
  • Composite Pipelines: Flex pipe Systems Flex Steel, Fiber spar
  • Above ground piping insulation
  • Launcher and receiver fabrication and insulation
  • Oil Battery & Treating Facilities
  • Pump Stations, LACT Units
  • Compressor Stations, Meter Stations
  • Wellsite Facility Installations
  • Header & Riser Fabrication/Installation & Modifications
  • Modular Piping Packages – Prefab Assembly & Installation
  • General Structural Steel Fabrication
  • Pig pen fabrication
  • Light to Heavy Structural Steel
  • Above ground valve
  • Launchers and receivers
  • Flow lines
  • Tank batteries
  • Stairs
  • Right of way gates and H braces
  • Mobile Blasting, Coating & Inspection of any Below Grade Field Application Services
  • Mobile Blasting & Painting of Above Grade  Piping Equipment & Structural Steel
  • Mobile Blasting & Coating of Girth Welds
  • Field Joining Anti-Corrosion Coatings: Single & Dual Layer Fusion Bond Epoxy (PBE), Polyurethane Field Joint Infill (PUF), Solid Polyurethane Field Joint Infill (SPU), SP-8888 External Coating
  • Integrity digs
  • Rental of Launcher and Receivers
  • Pig Pen Fabrication
  • Emergency Repair Services
  • Correlation & Verification Pipeline Integrity Digs
  • Nitrogen Purge, Pipeline Repair and Cut-Out Programs
  • Pipeline Sleeve (Welded) & Clock Spring Installations
  • Pipeline Hydrostatic Retests
  • Pipeline Abandonments
  • Seeding Mulching
  • Fence Gap repair / new installation
  • Manage SWAAP
  • Restoration of right of way
  • Call out service
  • Yearly contract for pipelines
  • Nitrogen or Water
  • Designated crews on standby for hydrotesting

Local experts.

Our crews are the most experienced in the Bakken, with an average of over 10 years working collaboratively on a variety of projects. Exceeding industry expectations in the region, our leadership has the knowledge and commitment to stand up to the harsh North Dakota weather, making us unparalleled during winter months.

With dedication to progress and to expanding our capacity and workforce here in the Bakken. We are consistently offering additional training to our employees to better themselves and our community.

Silver Fox Pipeline has partnered with Hans Creek Field Services as their Tier One. Dedicated to supporting the Bakken community, both companies have exceptional working relationships with the MHA Tribal Business Council.

A foxes tale…

Silver Fox provides quality pipeline and facility construction supporting the Bakken and surrounding areas. We have partnered with Hans Creek Oilfield Services as their Tier One. Each has a good working relationships with MHA Tribal Business Council and Fort Berthold Reservation.

Employee well-being has always been a core value. Silver Fox provides safe, long-term jobs with opportunities for advancement. Our business promotes local workforce development, crew diversity, and community involvement.

We are committed to expanding capacity in the Bakken and surrounding areas. We support local youth mentorship programs to continue to grow the work force in the oilfield and pipeline industry.

Kara Glenn

Kara is a Hispanic woman, military veteran and rig welder by trade, as well as a wife and mother. She has been in the Watford City area since 2015. Kara is no stranger to hard work. She is fearless in her perseverance and her enthusiasm to get the job done right, every day with an unwavering focus on safety. This puts her at the top of the oilfield industry. Kara balances running a successful business with caring for her family.

(701) 842-3733

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Chris Glenn

Chris has spent over 20 years in the pipeline construction industry and has been a part of the Bakken community since 2010. A man whose leadership is grounded in hard work and integrity, he strives to create the “work family” environment and wants to be a part of his employee’s lives. Chris’s drive and loyalty to the community and building relationships has a positive influence beyond the boundaries of the company.

(701) 842-3733

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Our Mission:

To be recognized as a company of choice, providing exemplary work with integrity in the Bakken Region. To continually deliver on our promises, exceed industry standards, provide new opportunities for our employees and to add value to the oil and gas industry as well as to the Bakken.

We Value…


As a family business we support, empower and value our employees!

  • We focus on our employees well being and have “return home safe” daily motto.
  • Our employees are the heart of our business, so we provide them with great benefits, training and creating a positive work environment is our goal.
  • We employ a diverse work force and believe in equal opportunity for both men and women in the oil and gas industry.

Maintain the highest standard in quality, integrity and accountability allowing us not only meet, but exceed our goals.

  • Consistently delivering on our promises to our employees, clients and partners we have built successful relationships  that are based on accountability and mutual respect
  • Maintaining a positive attitude while out on the job is important to us. The crews at Silver Fox have been recognized repeatedly  for respectful men and women and how easy they have been to work with.

We work together to learn from one another, strengthening each other’s individual contributions which enhances the outcome we can deliver

  • Working side by side we learn from one another and enhance our individual skills.
  • We respect and depend on each other’s strengths and experiences.
  • We utilize our veteran crew members who average over 10 years of experience to train and mentor.

We remain strong and united in the face of challenges and uncertainty knowing we are committed to our industry for years to come.

  • We embrace adaptability knowing our response and dedication can mean the difference between success and failure
  • When challenges mount, we lean on each other as a team.
  • We are able to provide continuous employment through economic downturns and “slowdowns” by providing alternate jobs  and training. Keeping our core group strong and diverse.

Reach Out!

If you think that our experience and work style might be a fit for your project, we’d love to have a conversation with you! Fill out the fields below, and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Thanks for your time, and be well.



(701) 842-3733

P.O. Box 2337

Watford City, ND 58854


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